Dataddo vs. Supermetrics

Dataddo and Supermetrics are both market-proven data integration tools, and which one is right for your use case will depend on a range of factors.

This comparison will help you make an informed decision based on your specific requirements.

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Based on No. of data flows Info

A data flow is the connection between a source and a destination. For example, a connection between Facebook Ads and Looker Studio would count as one flow.

No. of destinations/tiers of connectable sources
Free plan
Integration Types
Dashboards as destinations
Data warehouses as destinations
Apps as destinations (reverse ETL)
Centralized management platform Info

View and manage all your data pipelines (flows) from a central, cloud-based platform.

Customizable data schemas Info

Choose the exact metrics and dimensions you need.

Time to add new connectors 10 days Unclear
Focus of connector portfolio Various industries/departments Marketing
Coding required? No No
24/7 customer support
Signup to data pipeline (flow) Info

The amount of time it takes to create fully-fledged pipelines (or flows) after first signup.

5 minutes 5 minutes


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Main Use Cases

Supermetrics is primarily for marketing teams that need to send data to visualization tools; it designed to be operated by non-technical professionals and it’s connector portfolio is heavily marketing-focused.

Dataddo also caters to non-technical marketing teams, but its integration functionality is more robust, and its connector portfolio serves a wider variety of teams and departments beyond marketing, like sales, finance, HR, accounting, and even data engineering.


Supermetrics’s pricing is per data destination and based on tiers. So, for example, if you want to send your data to Google’s Looker Studio, you pay to unlock tiers—or collections—of connectors that integrate with Looker Studio. If you need just one connector that's not in your pricing tier, you'll have to pay to unlock a whole new tier of connectors, regardless of whether you use them. And so on per destination.

Dataddo's pricing model is based on the number of data flows. What is a data flow? The connection between a source and a destination, e.g., Facebook Ads to Looker Studio, would count as one flow. Your bill will therefore remain consistent each month unless you scale up or down. Unlike Supermetrics, Dataddo offers a limited free plan.

Management and Implementation

Getting started with Supermetrics is very fast because it integrates directly with your data destination as a plugin. However, each plugin is specific to a single destination, meaning you'll need to purchase an entirely separate tool for each destination you want to use. Moreover, there is no central management screen that gives an overview of which sources are connected to which destinations, and only the highest-tier plans offer access to more than one user. This can quickly complicate data sharing and data observability across teams and departments.

Getting started with Dataddo is also fast, but its centralized overview makes it clear to all users what is connected to what. This facilitates modification of pipelines and inter-team cooperation. There is no limit to the number of users that can access the platform, no matter the payment plan. Also, one source can be connected to multiple destinations under a single plan.

Management and Implementation


Supermetrics’ connector portfolio consists primarily of marketing services as sources and visualization tools as destinations. Once your services are authorized via Supermetrics, all of your data will be automatically pulled into your dashboard destination; you are unable to select which specific metrics and attributes you would like prior to the data being loaded to your dashboard. This could cause some dashboards to break due to a high volume of data.

Dataddo offers a wide portfolio of connectors for various services, not just marketing. Once your services are authorized via Dataddo, you can choose the specific metrics and attributes you need before you pull data from a source; this keeps your dashboards clean and your warehouse uncluttered. If you need a connector we don’t have and are on any one of our paid plans, we will create it for you in about 10 business days.


Integration Types

Supermetrics’s main focus is end-to-end integration of online services with dashboards. But they also offer ETL to a handful of data warehouses and lakes. They do not offer database replication (i.e., connections between databases) or reverse ETL (i.e., the pushing of enriched data from databases back into operational apps like CRMs and marketing automation platforms).

Dataddo can send data between any two systems, regardless of where they sit in a data architecture. It connects:

  • •Online services directly to dashboards

  • •Online services to data warehouses/lakes (ETL/ELT)

  • •Databases to databases (database replication)

  • •Data warehouses/lakes to apps like CRMs and marketing platforms (reverse ETL)

This means that Dataddo can support your organization at any phase of data maturity.


Both Supermetrics and Dataddo are certified and/or compliant with SOC 2 Type 2, ISO 27001, and other global and regional standards for data privacy and security.


It’s hard to give a point-by-point comparison of support for two SaaS products unless you’re a paying customer of both. So, in this section, we’ll not speak to Supermetrics support, but instead talk about what Dataddo has to offer.

In a word, Dataddo support is world-class. We offer live support around the clock, and our team of engineers proactively monitors pipelines and handles API changes. Our documentation is thorough and clear, and our Solutions Architects are ready to take a personal interest in your use case.

Have special implementation requirements? No problem. We can provide a tailored support package that includes expert consultancy, guided planning, and flexible licensing, to ensure that your data integration initiatives are a success.

But don’t take our word for it—go to any software review website and see what our customers are saying!


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Data Flow

What is a data flow?

A data flow is the connection between a data source or sources and a destination. For example, if you send data from Facebook Ads (source) to Looker Studio (destination), this will count as one flow.

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