Dataddo vs. Supermetrics

If you’re a small business starting out with only a few marketing data sources, Supermetrics is an excellent choice.

More demanding teams should consider Dataddo—a reliable data platform for easy management of all your data pipelines.

Dataddo vs. Supermetrics

Side by Side

Based on No. of data flows Info

A data flow is the connection between a source and a destination. For example, a connection between Facebook Ads and Looker Studio would count as one flow.

Tiers of connectors (per destination)
Free Plan
Integration Types
Dashboards as destinations
Data warehouses as destinations
Apps as destinations (reverse ETL)
Centralized management platform Info

View and manage all your data pipelines (flows) from a central, cloud-based platform.

Customizable data schemas Info

Choose the exact metrics and dimensions you need.

Time to add new connectors Avg. 10 days Unclear
Available connectors 250+ 100+
24/7 customer support
Signup to data pipeline (flow) Info

The amount of time it takes to create fully-fledged pipelines (or flows) after first signup.

5 minutes 5 minutes

Most of Supermetrics’ connectors are for marketing tools. Dataddo’s portfolio of connectors, which is the largest in the industry, caters to professionals across departments—marketing, sales, finance, HR, accounting, and more.

Any connector you need that isn’t already in our portfolio can be added on request within 10 business days. Plus, unlike Supermetrics, you can actually choose the specific metrics you need before you pull data from a source. This keeps your dashboards clean and your warehouse uncluttered.

Management and Implementation

Getting started with Supermetrics is fast because it integrates directly with your data destination as a plugin. However, each plugin is specific to a single destination, meaning you'll need to purchase an entirely separate tool for each destination you want to use. This can quickly complicate data-sharing between teams and departments.

Streamline your data infrastructure and maximize inter-team cooperation by managing all your pipelines from within Dataddo's cloud-based, centralized management platform. Extract to multiple destinations, change sources and destinations at any time, all with minimal hassle.


Under Supermetrics’ tier-based pricing, you pay to unlock tiers—or collections—of connectors. If you need just one connector that's not in your pricing tier, you'll have to pay to unlock a whole new tier of connectors, regardless of whether you use them.

Dataddo's pricing is based on number of data flows, not connectors. What is a data flow? In short, the connection between a source and a destination, e.g. Facebook Ads to BigQuery would count as one flow. All connectors are available no matter your pricing plan, so you are never limited in terms of sources or destinations, only by number of flows, which can easily be scaled up or down.

We even offer a free plan for teams looking to send their data a limited amount of data to dashboarding apps or Google Sheets.


Pay as You Grow

Billed monthly
Billed annually 30% OFF
Data Flow

What is a data flow?

A data flow is the connection between a data source or sources and a destination. For example, if you send data from Facebook Ads (source) to Looker Studio (destination), this will count as one flow.

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