Dataddo vs. Supermetrics

If you’re a small business starting out with only a few marketing
data sources, Supermetrics is an excellent choice.

For more demanding teams, try Dataddo for a reliable data
platform that can handle all of your data pipelines with ease.

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Any Connector You Need

Any Connector You Need

Supermetrics offers mostly marketing data sources, but Dataddo’s catalog of 90+ sources is built for users across industries and data types - not just marketing, but sales, financial, CRM, and more!

Any connector you need that isn’t already in our catalog can be added to Dataddo on request within 10 business days. Plus, as opposed to Supermetrics, you can actually choose the specific metrics you need.

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Simple, Central Management

Simple, Central Management

Getting started with Supermetrics is fast and easy because the tool works as a plugin to your data destination. Dataddo on the other hand allows you to keep track of all your pipelines from a cloud-based, centralized management platform.

Because it’s cloud-based, Dataddo also allows for complete architectural flexibility. With Supermetrics, you need to purchase a new product for each destination, but Dataddo’s platform lets you choose multiple destinations, or change destinations at any time, with no effect on price.

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Never Worry About Breakdowns

Never Worry About Breakdowns

Dataddo runs on enterprise-grade-technology, so it can handle massive data loads with ease and without breakdowns, at lightning-fast processing speed. That means you get to log out of Dataddo happy and headache-free.

This technology also gives you guaranteed uptime and SLAs, more frequent data syncing, and better error handling. Oh, and did we mention we are end-to-end encrypted and GDPR, SOC2, and LGPD compliant?

Dataddo vs. Supermetrics

Compare the most important points for yourself.


Centralized management platform Info

View and manage all of your data pipelines from a central, cloud-based platform, separate from source or destination.

No (plug-in)

Customizable data schemas Info

Choose the exact metrics and dimensions you need for your use case.

Time to add new connectors Info

The waiting period for a new connector, from first request to delivery.

10 days


Available connectors



24/7 Customer Support

Sign-up to data pipeline Info

The amount of time it takes to create fully-fledged data pipelines after first sign up.

5 minutes

5 minutes

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