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Our story

Despite incredibly diverse offerings in the field of data analytics, we were still craving a few things. Namely: flexibility. That’s why we created Dataddo - a single no-coding platform for data integration, automation, and transformation. With the vision to give people full control of and access to their own data, we designed Dataddo to work with any online data service, including the data architecture you already have.

Founded in Prague in 2015 and now headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley, Dataddo currently serves more than 3000 organizations and individuals from 100+ countries, including some of the world’s most recognizable brands.

We’re proud to be named a 2019 Cool Vendor in Data Management by Gartner.











"To become the fabric of a future led by
humans and powered by data."


We are Dataddoers

We show up when we're needed. We recognize the power of information and access. We know that a data-driven world is a better world, and we empower our customers to succeed through their data. We see the ever-growing complexity of the digital sphere, and we are here to help you find the simplicity.

Dataddoers abide by several core values that keep us aligned with our vision. Ambition and innovation allow us to always move forward. Flexibility keeps us open to change while transparency builds trust with our community, as does our role as a sidekick to our customers.

Dataddoers Do Data.


Do what you love,
love where you work

We are dedicated to cultivating an environment where people want to work.

Here's how we do that:

  • Start right - bring in kind people who want to share knowledge and lift each other up.
  • Listen up - be receptive to feedback and willing to make real change.
  • Focus on growing - encourage your people in their personal and professional growth, and create spaces where they can learn comfortably.

US Office

Dataddo, Inc.

126 San Antonio circle

Mountain View

CA 94040

United States

+1 (866) 328-2336

EU Office

Dataddo a.s.

Palac ARA

Perlova 5

Prague 1, 110 00

Czech Republic

+420 602 128 152

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