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In 2018, Dataddo CEO Petr Nemeth set out on a mission: to bring to market a data integration tool that would empower all professionals, from top management to frontline service staff, to access the data they need to make the right decisions.

Before Dataddo, Petr used to work as a developer, analyst, and system architect for telco, IT, and media companies. In all of these positions, he spent a lot of time handling data that was "stuck" in the tools that generated it. Not only was this a problem for Petr himself, who had to build and maintain integrations to get this data into other tools, it was a problem for his non-technical colleagues in departments like marketing and sales, who were powerless to access data on their own for quick insights.

He started to look for a SaaS solution. But, in spite of the wide selection of data integration tools on the market, he couldn't find one that offered the flexibility he needed for his job, and the user-friendliness his business colleagues needed for their jobs.

So, he teamed up with co-founders Joel Thom and Zdenek Pecha, and, together, they built Dataddo—a single, no-code platform for all types of data integration, automation, and transformation; designed to be usable by anyone regardless of technical skill, but friendly to data engineers who need to tap into low-level platform operations via an API.

Now, headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley with branches in Prague, Czech Republic and São Paulo, Brazil, Dataddo serves more than 4,000 organizations and individuals from 100+ countries, including some of the world’s most recognizable brands, like Uber Eats, the French Football Federation, and Epic Games.











To empower all professionals, from top management to frontline service staff, to access the data they need to make the right decisions.


We Are Dataddoers

We show up when we're needed. We recognize the power of access to information. We know that a data-driven world is a better world, and we empower our customers to succeed through their data. We see the ever-growing complexity of the digital sphere and are here to help you find simplicity in it.

Yes, our platform is powered by the best available technologies for data integration, but standing behind it is a group of dedicated humans ready to take a personal interest in your use case. If you need us as a close sidekick at each phase of rollout, we’ll be one. If you just need to ask us a few questions, we’re quick to hop on calls and answer emails.

Dataddoers are doers.


We Do What We Love,
We Love Where We Work

We are dedicated to cultivating an environment where people want to work.

Here's how we do that:

  • We start right by bringing in kind people who want to share their knowledge and lift others up.
  • We listen up, are receptive to feedback, and willing to make real change.
  • We focus on growing, and actively encourage Dataddoers to develop both professionally and personally.
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