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One control panel to integrate with all of your incoming data, from every possible source, so nothing can stop you from doing what you do best.

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How it works

Connect Data Sources

Quickly integrate your data from over 99 possible sources, or request a custom connector.

Send to a Destination

Connect the data to the dashboard, BI tool, or data warehouse of your choice.

Start Analyzing

Now that your data is flowing, head to your dashboards to focus on your real work.

Source, Destination, Flow

Connect Data Sources and Destinations from our catalog of pre-built connectors, no coding required. Then, create Data Flows to direct your data where it needs to go. If you need a new connector, our data architects will build it in a matter of days.

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Choose Your Own Metrics

Customize your Data Flows just the way you want them. Dataddo allows full autonomy to select the specific attributes you want to pull from your data, giving you everything you need and nothing you don't.

Simple, Central Management

From one page, control and manage all of your Flows with ease. Dataddo's central design allows you to monitor and edit your Data Flows without ever leaving the platform. Plus, switch Destinations as your data infrastructure changes, with zero headaches.

More Benefits

Dataddo is designed to eliminate all potential roadblocks on
the path to analyzing your data.

Secure. Period.

Your connection with the Dataddo platform is encrypted, and your stored data is isolated from the main network. We are GDPR, SOC2, and ISO 27001 compliant.


Infrastructure changes don't have to throw a wrench in your data. As your organization grows, add Sources as needed, and change Destinations with a few clicks.

Zero maintenance

Automatic data syncing and internally-managed API changes make Dataddo your "set it and forget it" data integration solution.

Stop sorting.
Start working.

A straightforward, no-code data integration platform that works for you. Click below to start your free trial.

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