Dataddo vs. Funnel

Dataddo and Funnel are both market-proven data integration tools, and which one is right for your use case will depend on a range of factors.

This comparison will help you make an informed decision based on your specific requirements.

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Based on No. of data flows Info

A data flow is the connection between a source and a destination. For example, a connection between Facebook Ads and Looker Studio would count as one flow.

No. of flexpoints Info

Flexpoints are calculated based on the number of connectors and features you need.

Free plan
Integration Types
Dashboards as destinations
Data warehouses as destinations Info

Data is loaded into Funnel first, and then can be shared to other destinations.

Apps as destinations (reverse ETL)
Connectors For any industry/department Marketing-focused
Data transformation / customization capabilities Blend of pre-built and custom transformations Analysis-centric transformations using rules
Coding required? No No
Encryption In-transit & at-rest In-transit & at-rest
Data hosting options Multiple locations worldwide US/EU only


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Main Use Case

Funnel is more of an all-in-one data solution for marketing teams that don’t have a dedicated warehouse or analytics tool because, in addition to offering ETL functionality, it offers data analytics and storage functionalities. These additional functionalities are reflected in the higher price.

Dataddo’s integration functionality is more robust and can serve a wider variety of use cases beyond marketing. While it can store limited amounts of data in its SmartCache system for clients without a data warehouse, it is not itself a data warehouse, nor does it offer any native analytics functionality; this is reflected in the lower price. Dataddo may therefore be the better choice for companies that already have a dedicated analytics tool and/or a data warehouse, as well as companies that want to avoid vendor lock-in by building a more composable data infrastructure.


Funnel offers different levels of features, custom connectors, and support. The pricing is based on so-called flexpoints, which represent the number of connectors and features. As your use of the platform fluctuates from month to month, so will the number of flexpoints you spend.

Dataddo's pricing model is based on the number of data flows. What is a data flow? The connection between a source and a destination, e.g., Facebook Ads to BigQuery, would count as one flow. This provides clarity and scalability, as your bill will remain consistent unless you scale up or down.

Both vendors offer a limited free plan.


Funnel offers an objectively massive portfolio of marketing connectors. If you need one they don’t have, they will build it for you on request, but the turnover time is not clear.

Dataddo offers a wide portfolio of connectors for various services, not just marketing. If the one you need isn’t on our list, we’ll create it for you in about 2 weeks.


Integration Types

While Funnel has an extremely wide portfolio of source connectors, the only supported destination is Funnel itself. If needed, users can choose to export their data to a small selection of data warehouses or visualization tools after it is loaded into Funnel.

Dataddo has a wide portfolio of both source and destination connectors that includes data warehouses and lakes (ETL, ELT, database replication), operational apps like CRMs and marketing platforms (reverse ETL), and dashboarding apps. Dataddo users can literally move data from any source to any destination.

Integration Types


Funnel’s no-code interface is designed primarily for use by business professionals with standard needs. The data visualization and transformation functionalities it offers are somewhat flexible, but due to their user friendliness don’t offer the granularity that dedicated BI tools or data warehouses provide. Organizations that want to go beyond Funnel’s standard storage and visualization functionalities will therefore need to pay for dedicated services whose functionality overlaps with Funnel’s.

Dataddo’s no-code interface is designed for use by business professionals, but the platform also allows data engineers to get under the interface and configure more complex workloads via code, making Dataddo’s integration functionality extremely customizable. Also, since Dataddo specializes in connecting services, it can fit comfortably into any toolset, allowing organizations to flexibly work with the data storage or visualization tools of their choice.


Both Funnel and Dataddo are certified and/or compliant with SOC 2 Type 2, ISO 27001, GDPR, DORA, and other global and regional standards for data privacy and security.

Both also offer security features like single sign-on (SS) and exclusion of personal identifiable information (PII) from extractions. Additionally, Dataddo offers SSH tunnelling and reverse SSH tunnelling, data masking/hashing capabilities, and AWS/Azure/Google Cloud private link capabilities.


It’s hard to give a point-by-point comparison of support for two SaaS products unless you’re a paying customer of both. So, in this section, we’ll not speak to Funnel support, but instead talk about what Dataddo has to offer.

In a word, Dataddo support is world-class. We offer live support around the clock, and our team of engineers proactively monitors pipelines and handles API changes. Our documentation is thorough and clear, and our Solutions Architects are ready to take a personal interest in your use case.

Have special implementation requirements? No problem. We can provide a tailored support package that includes expert consultancy, guided planning, and flexible licensing, to ensure that your data integration initiatives are a success.

But don’t take our word for it—go to any software review website and see what our customers are saying!


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Data Flow

What is a data flow?

A data flow is the connection between a data source or sources and a destination. For example, if you send data from Facebook Ads (source) to Looker Studio (destination), this will count as one flow.

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