Dataddo vs. Airbyte

If you have a skilled data engineering team, an open-source Airbyte may be the data integration tool for you.

However, if you lack the necessary technical expertise, Airbyte might not be the best choice. Dataddo allows you to pick from a wide range of connectors and with its no-code approach, you can migrate and even visualize your data within minutes. No data engineers or tech support needed!

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Guaranteed Connectors

Guaranteed Connectors

Airbyte relies on its community to create new connectors and cannot guarantee that they are working well or being updated regularly.

Dataddo's developer team can create new connectors in a matter of days (sometimes just hours). All you need to do is to just ask for it. And you can be sure the connectors are always up-to-date and maintained properly.

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If You're Not a Technical Expert, No Problem!

If You're Not a Technical Expert, No Problem!

If you are a business user without an in-depth knowledge of data science, Airbyte does bite. Dataddo on the other hand is easy-to-use that will allow you to set up a data migration flows literally within minutes.

Airbyte's UI takes a while to set up and runs on Docker. Dataddo on the other hand is a ready out-of-the-box solution and creating data flows doesn't require any technical knowledge. Still, if you'll get lost, our Solution's team will assist you in a timely fashion.

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Price Disruptors

Price Disruptors

Both Airbyte and Dataddo aim to disrupt the traditional volume-based pricing. Airbyte's pricing is compute-time based, meaning you get charged only when data is being replicated. The tool won't charge you for failed jobs, but will for canceled ones.

Dataddo has steered clear from the traditional volume-based pricing model. It's a simple $35/connector per month. You can easily predict the cost. And once signed up for Dataddo, we will always keep you updated on your spending.


Dataddo vs. Airbyte

Compare the most important points for yourself.


Guaranteed connectors

Partially guaranteed


No-code; integration is easy and swift

Requires data engineering skills

User interface

Platform interface, ready to use out of the box

Connected with Docker UI, loaded using terminal



Compute-time based

Who is it for?

Business user



Slack support community

Data visualization tools as destinations

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