Technology Program

Work with Dataddo to enhance your product’s data connectivity and reporting abilities for your customers.

Who Is Our Technology Program For?

Companies that make SaaS tools, databases, BI tools, CDPs, and other all-in-one data solutions. The program is likely to be a good fit for you if:

- Your customers are asking for an easy way to connect data from your service to visualization tools or data warehouses.
- Your product is a database or data visualization tool and you need an easy way for your clients to load all their data into it.

*If your company would like to connect directly to the Dataddo API and put all our integrations under the hood of your own app, see our Headless Data Integration product page.


We’ve Built Connectors for These Companies

Your Clients Will Love Us

Whether they'll be using your connector for ETL, ELT, database replication, reverse ETL, or end-to-end integration of online services with dashboards, rest assured—they’ll be in good hands. If you need proof, read our reviews at G2 or take a look at our case studies.


Why Become a Technology Partner?

Benefits for you

We’ll build and optimize a connector for your service
Connectivity with over 300 other data tools
Enhanced product capabilities
We’ll assist your sales process
Joint go-to-ecosystem strategy and co-marketing opportunities

Benefits for your clients

Smart integration solution for advanced reporting and data analysis
Quick and easy implementation of data pipelines
Architectural flexibility
Zero maintenance
Saves time and money

How to Start

Fill out the form below and one of our representatives will contact you. They’ll explain the connector-building process and discuss how best to collaborate. Then, our development team will evaluate your partnership application and draw up a full cooperation plan.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply for this program?

What kind of criteria are you using in the evaluation process?

How much does it cost to sign up?

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